Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Yorktel employee writes blog for ‘Smart Business’

Vishal Brown, Vice President of professional services for Yorktel, who have international offices based at 3, Hazlewood has written a blog for ‘smartbusinessblog’ regarding how video has become an essential business tool.

The blog explains that a recent survey by Polycom has shown that decision-makers worldwide view video conferencing as the essential team collaboration tool. Of more than 1,200 decision-makers surveyed in 12 countries, 96 percent agreed that video conferencing removes distance barriers to improve productivity among geographically scattered teams.

The blog post says that ‘most companies have frequent opportunities to experience the benefits of video, with 56 percent of the respondents participating in video calls at least once a week. More than half (52 percent) of those surveyed expect video to become their top communication preference within three years.'

Vishal reveals in the blog that Even President Obama advocates video conferencing!

Tridonic launches new web tool

Tridonic, based at Lindenwood offer a new web tool which enables you to easily find the right converter for the LED module and set up a perfectly matched Tridonic system.

Tridonic has made it its business to get to know all about your applications and assist you by developing innovative products that enable you to implement functionally and economically superior lighting solutions.

"Setbuilder" is available free of registration online and offline at www.tridonic.com/setbuilder. There are also three places you can find it from the Tridonic website:

-In the "Recommended Links" box on the start page.

-In the navigation bar as "Setbuilder" under LED Modules.

-On every LED module product page there is a separate "Setbuilder" tab.

 You can find the right converter from the Tridonic portfolio for any Tridonic LED module in just three easy steps. You define the parameters yourself. The three steps at a glance:

1. Select the LED module.

2. Enter the operating current, the number of modules and converter parameters.

3. Select the converter.

In the third step the search criteria are summarised and the recommended system is displayed together with a picture and article number. The system parameters and component parameters can also be found here. Setbuilder always offers latest versions of all the technical data. Print and mail functions are also available so the results can be immediately forwarded or printed out.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Young unemployed took part in national campaign to get into work

Young people from across the UK were given the opportunity to gain the skills they need to help them into sustainable employment when they visited Gist as part of a nationwide campaign to tackle youth unemployment.

Following the success of a pilot project in 2012, the entire food and grocery industry has launched Feeding Britain's Future - Skills for Work Month 2013 and is helping youngsters across the country get into work.

Gist, based at Chineham Park is one of the few logistics companies taking part in the scheme, giving young people a different viewpoint of the foods industry. As well as farms, factories and retail stores participants can see the entire supply chain and the broad range of career opportunities available in the industry.

Feeding Britain's Future, led by research charity IGD, is the first initiative of its kind, giving young people firsthand knowledge of the skills needed for a career in the food industry or elsewhere. Participants received CV and interview sessions with members of Gist's management team to help them develop their employability skills and improve their chances of getting a job. As well as workshops to improve their soft skills, all participants had the chance to speak to other employees about their careers and experiences in the workplace and see practical operational skills carried out, such as using voice technology systems to pick orders for food retail stores. This enabled them to see how the business is run and the wide range of careers available in the industry.

"Last year four of our sites took part in the project and we felt like we made a real difference to the young people who attended. We offered participants interviews for seasonal work and some were given temporary jobs during our Christmas peak period. We were very keen to take part again this year and I'm delighted that so many of our sites got involved." Said Karen Harrington, Project Manager - Gist Foundation.

"Gist is proud to have been a part of this scheme for the second year running, it's not only a great opportunity for these young people to gain employability skills but it gives them an insight into the broad range of career opportunities there are in the foods industry. Through this scheme, together with our apprenticeship, industrial placement and graduate schemes, we hope to provide many young people with excellent career opportunities." Said Martin Gwynn, Chief Executive, Gist.

The food and grocery industry is the UK's biggest private sector employer providing 3.7m - or one in seven - jobs and there are a huge range of careers on offer. Young people got a chance to learn about supply chain in the food and grocery industry when they visited Gist in September. Joanne Denney-Finch, chief executive, IGD, said: "The UK food and grocery industry employs 3.7 million people - making us Britain's biggest private sector employer. With that scale comes responsibility - we have a vital role to play in tackling youth unemployment by sharing our advice and experience."

Keeping cool is big business for Labcold

Labcold, leading specialist manufacturer of medical and laboratory refrigerators and freezers, is doubling the size of its premises thanks to increased sales across both product and service divisions here in the UK and across the globe.

Founded in 1932 and based in the area for the past 40 years, Labcold is moving to Chineham Park where an existing building is being extended to accommodate the company's growth. Robin Gregson, managing director of Labcold, explains," Labcold has experienced growth in turnover year on year. The additional space afforded by the move to Cherrywood cannot come quickly enough to meet our existing requirements to provide our products and services to the medical and scientific community and will allow the company to significantly increase it’s portfolio in the future. "

Labcold is a key supplier of medical refrigeration to the NHS and private hospital chains across the UK and beyond. Already accredited to ISO9001 standard, Labcold were the first UK manufacturer to gain medical device certification for their range of blood product storage cabinets. Labcold products can be found in la variety of laboratories, both public and private, and in diverse places such as RN submarines and the Antarctic, indeed anywhere where tight temperature tolerances and safety are paramount.

Rupert Batho, managing director of Chineham Park, adds, "Labcold's growth is another Basingstoke success story and we are proud to welcome this market leading company to Chineham Park. Their growth has meant that Chineham Park has also needed to grow and we are extending 1 and 2 Cherrywood by 10% to a total size of 35,000 sq ft to meet Labcold's requirements.

Deb’s beauty salon celebrates 10 years at Chineham Park

Deb’s beauty salon which is located upstairs in Fitness First, Spindlewood, is celebrating 10 years of business.

When Deb first started out, she was in just one treatment room. Since then, she has expanded her work space to two treatment rooms and has taken on three employees.

Deb said: “Over the last ten years I have notice how technology has improved treatments, such as gelfx nails which are more durable, dry immediately, have high shine and are chip free for at least two week as opposed to traditional nail polish. Also the science behind some of the treatments has improved, meaning that with treatments such as the dermalogica facials we all have to have the proper training which is dermalogica accredited.

“Being at Chineham Park for the last 10 years has allowed me to expand my business without having to move location, which makes things easier for me and my clients.”

Wendy Scott, customer manager at MEPC Chineham Park said: “Having a business such as Deb’s salon based on the Park helps create another amenity for other businesses on the Park to use. The location of her salon makes it really convenient for people to get a quick manicure during their lunch break. We are really pleased that Deb’s business has grown and continues to be successful.”

Monday, 22 July 2013

Film the Chineham Park summer party together

Vyclone is a social video app that lets multiple users create movies out of their shared smartphone videos. It is free to download and is available via the app store for iPhone or GooglePlay for Android users.

We are encouraging everyone to capture their experiences at the Chineham Park summer party on the 30th of August, to share with friends and colleagues on the Park.

With the Vyclone app, it matches videos shot in the same location at the same time, and using an algorithm, synchs and edits them to create a movie with multiple angles.

After the summer party, we will be hosting the video via Facebook and Twitter.

To find out more about Vyclone, click here >>>>

Basingstoke's IT cluster

In an article by Richard Frost of the South East Insider News website, tech giant Fujitsu is urged to join Basingstoke's IT cluster.

In an article by Richard Frost of the South East Insider News website, tech giant Fujitsu is urged to join Basingstoke's IT cluster.

Fujitsu should join Basingstoke's growing cluster of IT businesses, a senior figure at Hampshire Chamber of Commerce has told the online publication. The company has announced plans to close its operations in Reading and Slough, and relocate staff to either Basingstoke or Bracknell.

Chris Quintana, North Hampshire business development manager at Hampshire Chamber of Commerce, feels the company should pick Basingstoke because of its strong standing in IT circles. The town is already home to a number of prominent businesses in the sector, such as Accumuli and Voyager Software.

He said: "There are industry clusters around here. There are lots of IT businesses in the area so it's not like they're coming here on their own. This place is an extremely good town for business."

Rupert Batho, managing director of Chineham Park, added, "Basingstoke has a history of attracting innovative IT companies and at Chineham Park we have five Fortune 500 companies within our business community. Over 50% of our customers are involved in IT, ranging from app developers to IT equipment resellers."

Chineham Park has several major IT customers including: Computer 2000, Micro-P, Quark, Develop IQ, Voyager Software, Cirrus, Voiteq, Level 3 Communications and Google-owned Motorola.

See the full article here